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Security Tips:

Security Tips:

In terms of tips a good place to start would be forming good habits when arriving/leaving home (especially relevant in terms of our work monitoring gates!). These include:

  • ·         Making sure you aren’t being tailed, and if you are, drive to the nearest police station.
  • ·         Never pull into your driveway before your gates are fully open – rather pull over and then open the gates. You don’t want to be stuck if someone pulls up behind you.
  • ·        Keep foliage well under control around your gate, as criminals tend to hide behind bushes etc. waiting for you to arrive.
  • ·        Keep your gate area well-lit.
  • ·        Be aware of people in the vicinity as you arrive home.
  • ·        Always close the gate promptly and make sure it closes completely.
  • ·        Maintain your gates regularly – a broken ‘security’ gate is next to useless.

Another thing which is quite important is preparing properly before you go away:

  • ·         Test your alarm system well in advance so that necessary repairs can be made.
  • ·         Inform your security providers that you will not be at home (and when you will be back) – and if you don’t want to tell ADT, tell Verifier hint, hint!
  • ·         Make sure your postbox gets cleared every day as criminals will quickly pick up on the fact that no-one is at home if they see it is overflowing.
  • ·         Provide your security provider(s) with a keyholder to call in case of emergency.
  • ·         Check your electricity/internet before you go – security systems are only as good as the power they run on!